Bailey Knight has heaps of pets… he even has a couple of dingoes! 

How many dingos do you have?
I have 2 dingos which live in a pen that we made in our backyard.

How old are they?
I don’t know exactly how old the dingos are but they’re about 4 years old.

What colour are they?
They are tanish and white.

What do they eat?
The dingos will eat any sort of meat they can get in there mouth.

Are they friendly?
They are friendly to most people.

How did you get them?
My dad bought them off a family friend.
What are their names?
Their names are Bella and Storm.

Can you pat them?
Yes you can pat them they are very friendly towards humans.

Cool facts about dingos!!!
They are well behaved.
They like to chase their tales.
They like to chase mice.


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