Lemons is a cat who has no tail but makes up for it with her foul looks and short temper. She may be small but she’s the boss of the dogs and has her Dad wrapped around her paw.

Lemons was a stray who wandered up to our house five years ago and quickly became an adored member of our family, at first it took a while for her to trust us but with patience and love, she soon felt secure.

The name Lemons came from the fact that she loved to sit in the big lemon pot out the front, and when she wasn’t happy she would look at us as if she had sucked on a lemon.

Although she can be a grumpy cat at times, she is the best cat we could ever ask for and we wouldn’t trade her for any other cat.

She came to us on the 28th of June in 2018, we have no idea how she lost her tail. But she’s still happier than ever.  Her full name is Lemon Octavia .

Favourite pastimes:
Finding a sunny place to sleep Finding a small space to hide Annoying us for food

Being covered in a blanket
Dexter the dog annoying her when she’s trying to sleep when she’s trying to nap


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