Paul McPherson of YMCA Victoria recently answered some questions for us about the merge of Bendigo Regional YMCA and YMCA Victoria.

How is this merge going to bring growth to the region?
We believe we will be able to impact community connections and bring more people together, We believe this will then lead to growth. Our vision for the centre is to work with our partners at the City of Greater Bendigo (CoGB) in growing on the vibrant community facility that PKLC already is.

What major changes will the merge bring about?
Opportunities, YMCA Victoria is one of the largest recreation providers in Australia and we cannot wait to grow all the amazing initiatives developed by Bendigo Regional YMCA that have delivered such positive outcomes for the Bendigo Community as well as implement new innovation.
The merger also brings a lot of shared service support to the staff working on the ground to help support them in delivering community benefits.

Who uses the Peter Krenz Leisure Centre (PKLC)? How often is it used and how do different people use it?
PKLC is a one stop shop for all demographics, we have swimming lessons and child care facilities for 6 month year olds, group fitness and health and wellness offerings for older adults as well as everything in between.
We pride ourselves on being a community based facility and in collaboration with the CoGB we feel like we have programs and services available for everyone in the community.

Do you plan to upgrade the PKLC? If so, how so?
Watch this space! In partnership with the CoGB, you’ll be seeing some exciting new aesthetic upgrades around the facility. We will also be investing in some new health and wellness equipment that we can’t wait to roll out.

How are you going to help inspire the young people of Eaglehawk?
At the YMCA we believe in the power of inspired young people. Whether that is providing them employment or volunteer opportunities or developing programs and service that cater for their needs, we will be doing all we can to play our part in meeting the health and wellness needs of young people in the Eaglehawk community.

What is your main vision for the future of the YMCA and how will you maintain strong community relationships?
To be able to have significant positive impact inside and outside of the four walls of the PKLC. We will be looking at opportunities to be involved (where appropriate) in community events, and also understanding what we can provide to the community outside of just operating a really well run Leisure Centre.
We will also do everything we can to work in to ensure we are supporting the vision of our contract partners, the CoGB.
We believe we reflect the community, The majority of our people live in Bendigo and are just as invested as us as an organisation in delivering positive outcomes for CoGB residents.


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