At St. Liborius, we take great pride in our commitment to developing leadership skills among our students. Our school culture revolves around fostering leadership qualities and providing ample opportunities for our senior students to grow and thrive. We firmly believe that our students are the future leaders of our country, and we strive to equip them with the necessary tools and experiences to excel in their roles.

To ensure the development of leadership, we offer our senior students a range of responsibilities and opportunities. Through role descriptions, our aspiring leaders are encouraged to apply and participate in an interview process. This helps them understand the significance of leadership and prepares them for future endeavours. Our student leaders play crucial roles in various aspects of school life. They actively participate in celebrations, where they take charge of organising and executing memorable events for our school community. They also conduct engaging school tours, ensuring that prospective students and their families experience the warm and inclusive environment our school offers. Running assemblies is another key responsibility entrusted to our student leaders. They skilfully guide their peers through these gatherings, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. Moreover, they lend a helping hand during sports days, ensuring that these events run smoothly and successfully. Community events hold a special place in our school’s calendar, and our student leaders actively contribute to their success. From volunteering to organising charity drives, they demonstrate their commitment to making a positive impact in our wider community. Our student leaders also take charge of running before and during school activities, fostering an atmosphere of fun, engagement, and inclusivity. They act as buddies to our junior students, providing support and guidance as they navigate their early years of schooling. Additionally, they serve as representatives in the Student Representative Council (SRC), where they actively voice their peers’ ideas and concerns, working towards improving our school community.

Throughout their leadership journey, we instil in our students the values and skills that will guide them towards success. Kindness, generosity, happiness, safety, respect, responsibility, and a willingness to embrace challenges are some of the key attributes we promote. We believe that these values form the foundation of strong leadership and contribute to the overall wellbeing of our school community. At St. Liborius, we are dedicated to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. By embedding leadership development in our school culture and providing a wide range of opportunities, responsibilities, and support, we empower our students to grow and excel. We are proud of their achievements and look forward to witnessing the positive impact they will make in the future.


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