Bev Wood, an ex-ESC student remembers a subject during her school days called needlework. She didn’t enjoy it at the time.

These days, Bev is passionate about her quilting hobby and spends as much time as she can in her sewing room, creating quilts and other items with fabric.

“When I was a student at Eaglehawk Secondary, I wasn’t good at sewing at all! I really didn’t enjoy the subject.”

When Bev’s children were young and she was a stay-at-home mum, a friend invited her to a quilting class, where she was cutting up fabric and sewing it back together. Bev couldn’t understand what the point of that was but decided to attend the class and have a look for herself. That was enough to get her well and truly hooked and she has been sewing ever since.

The process of quilt making starts with Bev deciding on a design and fabric that she likes. When she started out, she only used patterns but is now able to make up her own quilt designs using her knowledge and experience. After choosing a pattern or design idea, she precisely cuts the fabric pieces then sews the quilt top together. Once finished, the wadding and backing are added, and the three layers are quilted together.

The craft is very popular, and Bev started a monthly sewing day in Eaglehawk that she calls the High Tea Sew-ciety. It’s an opportunity for all skill levels to get involved in sewing or quilting, an uninterrupted day with other quilters.

It happens one Sunday a month, from 10am to 4pm and bookings can be made via the Hopscotch Quilting Facebook page (QR Code on the next page) or by emailing. Participants bring their own sewing machine and projects and if you’re struggling with a technique, Bev is there to help. The cost for the day is $20 per person, tea, coffee and morning tea is supplied, and lunch is BYO.

“A table and chair are provided, along with fridge, sandwich toaster and microwave. We sit there all day sewing, chatting, bouncing ideas off each other and sharing our skills.”

Bev also runs weekend retreats in Axedale twice a year for quilters to share and learn new skills, to have a weekend away, dedicated just to sewing. So far, the youngest at the retreat was 22 and the oldest in her 70’s. The 22-year-old came for the first time with a very old sewing machine and a quilt she bought from the op shop for $3. She cut up the old quilt and made it into a hoodie because she’s into upcycling. Recently she brought her mum to a retreat and they spent the weekend sewing together, both learning new skills and making new friends.

“I make kits as well. People like to open the bag and have all the pieces they need along with instructions. I make zip up pouch kits, table runner kits, needle keeper and pin cushion kits, ironing board cover kits, bag kits and quilt kits. Most of the time, the ladies know what they want to make but sometimes they want to make something different, and a kit makes that really easy.”

New people are always welcome to attend with their hand or machine sewing, regardless of their experience or skill level.

If you are interested, please email Bec Wood at


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