We asked the Citizens of the Year to tell us a bit about themselves and what they love about Eaglehawk.

Mary Preston has been a passionate member of the Eaglehawk community for the past 20 years. She teaches in the library at Eaglehawk Primary School and was School Council President at Eaglehawk Secondary College for 6 years. Mary is involved with Empowering Eaglehawk, the Rotary Club of Eaglehawk, and has coached a myriad of sports and groups.

When asked why she loves Eaglehawk, Mary replied that she loves the gorgeous natural features of our suburb, such as Canterbury Park and Lake Neangar. She also finds a lot of joy in the community focus, with many opportunities for involvement and making new friends.

“You can talk to a whole range of people, and that’s the best part.”

As for the future of Eaglehawk, Mary sees a lot of potential in the Peter Krenz Leisure Centre. She hopes to see an update to the play space, a plan which is being written presently.

Mitch Graham is a born-and-bred Eaglehawkian with a passion for sports. After a history of leadership at Eaglehawk Secondary College, he is now in his third year being President of Empowering Eaglehawk, where he has campaigned for better play facilities in Canterbury Park. Mitch is also a great sports player, and he is the current junior coordinator of the Bendigo Badminton Association.

Mitch’s favourite things about Eaglehawk are the sporting facilities, such as the cricket and footy grounds.

“The sporting aspect is world class, some of the best in the region.”

He also loves the community and friendliness of the people here. As a representative for the youth of Eaglehawk, Mitch says he would love to see a wave pool in the Peter Krenz Leisure Centre at some point in the future.

Laurie Preston is an enthusiastic Eaglehawk citizen. He taught at Eaglehawk Secondary College for 16 years until his retirement in 2004, and a year later he picked up duties at the Dahlia and Arts. His tasks as a volunteer include organisational duties and being the treasurer. He is also involved with athletics and the Food and Care Program at the Uniting Church.

“I just think Eaglehawk is such a great place.”

Laurie loves Eaglehawk because of the opportunities for community involvement. He loves the feeling of using his time profitably and works alongside his wife Mary in a variety of activities.

Laurie has no hopes for the future of Eaglehawk – he likes it just the way it is.


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