This Is Eaglehawk

Empowering Eaglehawk have launched a new campaign spotlighting locals on why they love Eaglehawk and what this great community has to offer. If you want to get in touch with them – or to view their This Is Eaglehawk short clips – please ‘like’ and ‘follow’ their Facebook page below: EmpoweringEaglehawk

Where is Eaglehawk?

Eaglehawk is situated in the north-west of the Central Victorian town of Bendigo, Australia and is a suburb within the City of Greater Bendigo, Whipstick Ward. Eaglehawk has a long and proud history of community spirit and was its own shire (Borough) for many, many years.

The Eaglehawk Dahlia and Arts Festival is a highlight on the community calendar bringing a week of fun and festivity to the area incorporating a street parade, flower show, family fun day, film and literature competitions, art exhibitions, music, dance, trivia and just about anything else that brings people together.

Eaglehawk’s main streets buzz with a village vibe and many establishments have been in town for decades. There’s a saying that you need a passport to enter the Borough but the opposite is actually true – everyone is welcomed and made to feel at home whether they’ve lived here for years or are just visiting.

The area is home to 7 schools: Eaglehawk Secondary College, Eaglehawk Primary School, Eaglehawk North Primary School, St Liborius Primary School, California Gully Primary School, Lightning Reef Primary School and Bendigo Violet Street Primary School.

Eaglehawk is lucky enough to have many world-class facilities at its doorstep including: parks, gardens, walking tracks, lakes (and an accompanying a state-of-the-art play space in Lake Neangar), competition grade BMX track, tabletennis and badminton stadium, new multi-million dollar sporting complex at Canterbury Park (football, netball, cricket), a heated indoor swimming pool, a skate park, tennis courts, bowls and crochet courts, our own Library, pool / billards club, and our very own cinema, Star Cinema located in the historic Eaglehawk Town Hall, where chairs are replaced with lounge suites and wine and local food can also be consumed along with your choc-top.

Trains to Bendigo and Melbourne depart regularly from Eaglehawk Station, three different buses service the suburb day and night.
Eaglehawk has everything and more to offer, so if you haven’t visited here before, make sure you stop by!

Eaglehawk is the main area of focus in the 3556 Magazine as during the leadership of Dan and then Cecile, they focused on the Eaglehawk area.
In 2019, Danielle and Michael thought to open the 3556 Magazine to encompass the whole of the 3556 area code. We have slowly been incorporating the neighboring communities into the publication whilst maintaining Eaglehawk as the prominent area. The 3556 Community comprises of California Gully, Campbells Forest, Eaglehawk, Eaglehawk North, Jackass Flat, Myers Flat, Sailors Gully, Sebastian, Whipstick and Woodvale.

If you live in any of the above areas, please reach out to us at we would love to hear from you and your ideas for the magazine. After all, this publication is about the best of the 3556 community, for the 3556 community.

Thank you!