There are many illnesses and sickness around this time of year some include cold which may leave you feeling tired and achey, The flu and RSV are some more serious diseases, at least 85 people have died from these alone this year in Australia. It’s because of this that you and your family should be vaccinated and take precautions.

What happens if I go to work or school sick?

Even though it may be tempting to see your friends, the best thing you can do is stay home because germs can travel anywhere even through air which can infect heaps of people from just standing in the same room as somebody who is sick.

Getting a cold is really annoying but some ways to get rid of your cold or winter sickness are taking pain relief, drinking lots of liquids and get some rest by laying down reading your favourite book or watching your favourite movie.

What are some good sleeping habits that can help me sleep and give me more energy through the day?

Staying off all electronics before bed is always a good thing you need to make sure you have enough energy to wake up in the morning when you need to wake up.

Having something healthy to eat and drink before bed can leave you to sleep easily and wake up energetic and ready to go. Drinking a glass of warm milk or eating yogurt just before bedtime helps relax and eliminate the stress in your body.

So many people throughout our world struggle to sleep at night. The sound of over sleeping might sound like a luxury. It’s actually not. Over sleeping is a sign of disordered sleep.

Another thing you can do to stay healthy is get regular exercise just like these young people did recently at the Bendigo Bluelight Burra Comp Day. Kids competed in skate, bmx and scoot comps.











Photos courtesy of Bendigo Bluelight.


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