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Thursday, May 26, 2022

The Painted Brush & Co.

Elise Parker, founder of The Painted Brush & Co. has just set up an amazing shop in the old Bank of New...


ESC students Alivia and Charlie visited Jan Henderson at Grange Gallery in Eaglehawk’s main shopping strip to find out about Jan and...

Little Boy Drummer: Charlie doesn’t miss a beat

ESC students Lukas, Len and Laahnie interviewed Charlie, the youngestEaglehawk Brass Band member, to find out about his involvement in      this musical...

Bunny Love

Sapphire Rose (ginger) and Mona May (black and white) are mini lops.  They are almost three years old and have been together...


Marg Ashman describes herself as “a very happy Eaglehawk resident and garden lover”. As a new bride, Marg lived...


Help the environment by upcycling your old soon-to-be landfill materials! Nothing is wasted in Annie’s garden. She prides herself...

Josh Brandon: Artist. Graphic Designer. Musician.

Josh Brandon is a local Eaglehawk resident who is a passionate artist, freelance graphic designer and heavy blues rock musician.

Neangar Sailing Club

Dane and Malcolm took full advantage of a sunny calm morning to  launch their sleek radio controlled yachts on Lake Neangar. They are...

Buskin’ In The Burra!

You might have spotted this young musician around the streets of Eaglehawk and Bendigo strumming a tune, but who is he?!

Jim’s World Of Art

Jim is a practicing artist in our community. You might remember him from the Dentistry in Parsonage Grove, which he managed...

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