Nicky is the most adorable and  affectionate cat in the world and
nothing can beat her.  She is super fluffy and gentle.

We got her from the RSPCA in 2014. When she first saw us she jumped into our arms and we knew immediately that we would take her home.

Many years have passed and Nicky is a loving cat, the leader of the house and loves to steal your spot when you are trying to sleep.

Nicky is very smart and loves to nap all day long and her favourite
hobby is sleeping because she is very good at it.

Disturbance when sleeping

· Loves naps
· Food especially pasta
· She likes doing

Nicky was born on November 7, 2013  so she is eight years old and will be nine at the end of the year.

Nicky is a Calico Ragdoll Cat.

Did you know that Calico Ragdoll cats have an intelligence level that fall
between a dog and a typical domestic cat. 

When we got Nicky she was a very cheeky kitty. We got her because we wanted a new family pet.


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