Eaglehawk Secondary College

Eaglehawk Secondary College is a Year 7 to 10 school that prepares students for Years 11 and 12, further study or the workforce. The College has a student population of around 600 students who live in Eaglehawk, Bendigo and adjacent rural communities.

In 2008 building commenced on a new school. Construction is now complete and provides a fantastic, flexible and comfortable learning environment for students and staff.

The 3556 Magazine began in 2010. For over 10 years, the students at Eaglehawk Secondary College have been producing this community magazine. Dan Williams was at the helm of the publication for seven years until Danielle Snowden and Cecile Shanahan took over in 2017. Cecile then worked with Michael Watson for two years, before leaving to pursue other projects. Since then, Danielle Duval and Michael have been managing the publication. Throughout the years, hundreds of students at Eaglehawk Secondary College have actively participated in the magazine. 
The magazine has printed over 109,000 copies in its 10 year lifetime, which is a monumental feat! We are still running strong, and have great things on the horizon! 

The 3556 Magazine website was born in Spring of 2018 with a grant given by FRRR. Since then, we have been uploading the magazine and giving the 3556 community a wider audience via access to the publication through the website and Facebook page.  Michael has been managing these platforms since 2019, and hopes to incorporate much more of the 3556 Magazine on the website (past editions prior to 2018, student usage of website, community engagement / interaction, and much more dependent on time allowance) be sure to stay tuned for these exciting developments!!

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