Marg Ashman describes herself as “a very happy Eaglehawk resident and garden lover”.

As a new bride, Marg lived in Church Street with her husband Graeme Ashman and later moved to her current home in Jobs Gully Road where she has been for 36 years. Marg is a passionate gardener and was eager to give us a garden tour one cold winter’s morning recently.

Marg has some happy gardening memories from her childhood in Epsom. There were four children and they all had their own little gardening patches where they would grow fruit and veggies which they loved dearly.

“We were so happy just pottering around at home. We never even had a push bike and we were home all the time”.

When Marg first came to Jobs Gully Road, she never thought that the garden would become as big as it currently is.

“When we came here, this was a farm, and this was just a paddock. Graham and I planted every tree”. Initially there was a driveway and lawns. A local landscaper set up all the pebble gardens and gradually all the flower beds were constructed”.

Marg views gardening as vital. “It’s very, very important. You see something happening from nothing”. She has been involved with the Dahlia Flower Show since 1996 working alongside David Richards, bringing in dahlia flowers and visitors from all over Australia.

“I love it. Absolutely love it”.

We asked Marg what her favourite flower was, she answered: “a rose, dahlias are my second favourite”.

“You can have a lot of pleasure sitting out in the garden, especially when the sun’s out”.

“Gardening is in my blood. Entirely”.


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