In the first of a series focussed on individual committee members from Empowering Eaglehawk, I spoke to Anne Conway, Andrea Metcalf and the President Aimee Croft.

Empowering Eaglehawk are still here despite what’s recently been happening in our community. Over the past six months EE have been able to donate funds to a range of different projects. Over $5000 was donated to the Eaglehawk Community House to support them in donating care packs to some of the most vulnerable members of our community. Fresh fruit was also donated to our local healthcare workers at the Bendigo Hospital.

Many people are unaware of what goes on behind the scenes of EE— what the committee actually does and who the hard working members are. This story showcases two of those members who work hard behind the scenes.

Anne Conway, pictured on the left, is on EE’s general committee and is the representative for Phoenix FM, one of the local community radio stations. EE and Phoenix FM have developed a very sound partnership over several years. Anne is ideally placed to be a link between EE and the community via Phoenix’s community service announcements. EE sponsors Phoenix FM for broadcasts in Eaglehawk when events take place, such as Canterbury Carols and Australia Day.

Photo: Anne Conway (left) and Andrea Metcalf (right) pictured with the Empowering Eagleha

Andrea Metcalf, pictured on the right, is a general member of EE. “I’m actually a local councillor and Eaglehawk is in the Whipstick Ward. I wanted to be on the committee because it’s a grass roots committee and I want to see Eaglehawk go ahead. The name says it all, Empowering Eaglehawk “.

“It’s not only the grants that they do, it’s the auspicing body for groups that apply for grants that need a body to fund that through. The scoreboard at Canterbury Park is an example where the funding went through EE.”

Empowering Eaglehawk’s committee consists of a group of twenty or so individuals who are extremely dedicated and who come from very diverse working backgrounds. Together they work as a truly superb team that assists in empowering many community groups and organisations. It’s a great committee to be a part of, in Aimee’s opinion!

For more information or to join the committee: Empowering Eaglehawk website has a contact page with details. Feel free to send an email.

The committee meets once a month 7:30am on the third Wednesday of each month.

“It’s what I can do to make this a fantastic place…not a better place… but an even more fantastic place”


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