Julie Sloan decided to run for council for a number of reasons. She’s semiretired and has the time to put back into the community. During Julie’s many years working as a nurse, she has had a keen interest in the local area and has been involved in numerous committees, environmental groups and other activities. “Now that I’m semi-retired the time was right for me to commit for four years” “I understand the importance of giving people space to actually listen to what they are saying. That’s actually a passion. And that’s what I really hope is the hallmark of the four years built on values of kindness, equality, rationality and non-violence.”

“I want to be the voice for the silent majority— a voice for the voiceless”

Julie has seen much growth and expansion of the Whipstick Ward over the years and believes there is a fantastic opportunity to keep moving forward and she wants to be part of it. “I want to bring the skills that I can transfer across from my project management and community development work that I’ve been doing for the past 18 years as a community health nurse”.

Julie believes that the global pandemic and massive upheaval of everyday life has created a great opportunity to be able to deeply listen to people. To really get some heartfelt ideas, recommendations and suggestions from people to ensure that community health and wellbeing for our community, animals and environment is a priority. “Looking after the mental health of young people and everyone in our community is of prime importance to me”.

Julie campaigned as an endorsed Animal Justice Party candidate and feels honoured and privileged to have been elected by the Whipstick Ward Community. Her three interests are: Animal welfare and the protection of threatened species. The environment and sustainable outcomes for the future. Community health and well being.

Julie believes there is an opportunity to really listen and to become more creative in how we actually listen to the community. That is of great interest to her. “Creating opportunities and actually reaching out and going into community groups. Becoming a little bit more creative and innovative in how we reach out. I think that excites all of us and it excites me”. Julie is also passionate about the environment and creating sustainable solutions.

“The council has a One Planet Living Sustainability Framework which I think is fantastic, and that’s a great way that we can address a range of sustainability issues going forward. I think the next four years is a great opportunity to continue to work on that foundation to help us become the world’s most liveable community”. “People need infrastructure to do that. Its really about listening to what people want, what they suggest and what they need and being innovative and creative about that”.

Julie has a huge passion about animal welfare and protecting threatened species, in particular, the grey-headed flying foxes in Rosalind park. “We need to promote an understanding about the importance of the biodiversity and the vital place that the mega-bats have those systems in our community. We need to increase people’s understanding of the bats”. “To be elected by the community is such an honour and a privilege. And one of the commitments that I’ve made is to deeply listen”.

“Its great to be working with Andrea (Metcalf) and Dave (Fagg). We are going to be a great team and achieve a lot“!


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