Josh Brandon is a local Eaglehawk resident who is a passionate artist, freelance graphic designer and heavy blues rock musician.

Josh has been interested in art since a young age. ‘I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, as a kid I would draw dinosaurs, characters from video games and fan art for Pokémon and Dragonball Z’.

It can vary a lot on how long it takes for Josh to complete projects.
‘It really depends on the style and scope of the artwork…or the deadline, sometimes I’ll smash something out in an hour or two if I have to, although I likely won’t be proud of it. If I have the time I could work on something for weeks or even months as I’m pretty fussy with details, I’ll often start the same artwork over multiple times’.

‘I love trying new mediums and learning different techniques so it’s hard to pick my favourite, lately I draw a lot in Procreate on an iPad which I think is super fun and streamlined. I do love having a draw with a grey-lead and also getting messy with some oil paint… also digital sculpting is pretty

‘Being an artist is such an amazing journey’

‘I’m into drawing a lot of fantasy stuff but with a bit of a modern,
alternative, sometimes psychedelic sort of vibe to them. I’ll draw
dinosaurs, witches, fairy’s, skeletons, aliens. – you name it and I’ve
probably tried to draw it’.

‘I often try and combine a fantasy character with elements of my other passions, such as guitars and amps or some other type of
instrument or gardening stuff like plants, mushrooms and nature’.

‘At the present time I’m the artist for two different indie mobile game projects which keeps me fairly busy and I enjoy working on them. My goals are to continue with game art, refine my personal style until I’m almost happy with it and take on odd freelance projects that interest me.’

You might wonder what drives someone to create art, for Josh the answer is simple! ‘I have a pretty wild mind and art can help me slow it down and get some of the ideas out and onto paper in a way that I enjoy. Some artwork I make to get a reaction, sometimes to get recognition but other times I just do it for fun or to express myself’.

‘I enjoy watching myself, my creative peers and my friends grow as creatives as we patiently practice our crafts and create unique and
interesting things to share with the world. Practicing art has led me down a great many pathways in life, I’ve met interesting people and have learnt so much about myself, nature and life by learning to
observe the world around me with new perspectives’.

‘I believe my mum helped to nurture my
interest in art so, shout out to her! My brothers also inspired me a lot as we would all draw together as children. It is easy lately for me to become inspired as there are so many amazing artists who I browse through on Instagram and Art Station, and there are so many informative tutorials on YouTube where I can learn almost anything. I also like reading stories on some of the old masters and their lives, very inspirational stuff’.

‘I took Studio art, Graphic Design an Photography in VCE as
I decided that I wanted to become a better artist, I made a lot of art for fun for a few years and then decided to take things more seriously and studied a diploma in graphic design years later which helped to shape my style a little more and gave me the confidence to take on more freelance work’.

‘In the future I hope to be enjoying art as much as I do now, Hopefully I’ll have a few killer pieces in my folio that I can be really proud of, maybe I’ll be teaching my future kids how to draw so they can enjoy the same fun that I’ve had, I think that would be cool’. Josh is also an amazing bassist for a band called Whoopie Cat which has over 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify!

Josh designed the Logo for the band featured below..

‘Music is my other creative outlet and I’m a bassist for a heavy blues rock band called Whoopie Cat, we’ve been jamming together for over five years now. We’re a five piece band and we’re like a family, it’s been tough not being able to catch up during lockdown as the rest of the band lives in Melbourne’.

‘We’re currently working on writing our third album and just missed out on going to Europe when our overseas tour got cancelled due to COVID-19. Now that the restrictions are easing it will be cool to play a show up in Bendigo when we are able to!’

‘I’ve been playing bass for over 10 years now… so I should probably be better than I am! I was reluctant to play bass as I wanted to be a lead guitarist, however I really wanted to join a band with my friends in high-school and they only needed a bassist. I ended up buying a bass to join the band and it was one of the best decisions I made, I really love being part of the rhythm section of a band as I enjoy locking in with the drummer and feeling the groove’.

We thank Josh for giving us some time to tell us all about his artistic ventures. If you are interested in seeing more of Josh’s work or contacting him please don’t hesitate to get in touch with him via the links below:

email –


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