Tegan was hiding. Her family couldn’t find her.

‘Where could she be?’ the mother asked. ‘Who knows,’ the little girl said.

Tegan’s family were looking high and low for their little kitten. They looked under the couch, under the desk, in the cupboards, under the bed, everywhere, but they still couldn’t find Tegan.

I’m very good at this, thought Tegan as she hid in her special hidey spot.

‘I’m going to check the bedrooms,’ said the father, who was looking amongst some blankets on the couch. The father went into his bedroom and looked everywhere. No sign of Tegan. He went into his daughter’s bedroom. No sign of Tegan. He went into his son’s bedroom, but there was still no sign of Tegan.

Who’s that? Tegan thought, hiding in her special hidey spot, Is someone there?

The father called out to the kitten, ‘Tegan? Where are you?’
The sound was very close to where the kitten was hiding.

The father called out to the kitten again, ‘Tegan. Come out, come out wherever you are…’
The sound was very, very close to where the kitten was hiding.

The father called out once more, ‘Tegan? Come get your chicken cat food.’

I love chicken cat food, Tegan thought from where she hid and suddenly, before she could help it, she let out a small meow.

The father looked up and there was Tegan, sitting on top of the wardrobe.
‘What are you doing up there, Tegan?’ said the father happily.

‘Meow,’ Tegan said, and she jumped down on to the top bunk bed, then to the bottom bunk bed, and then to the floor.

Tegan then said to the father (in cat language), ‘Could I have some cat food, now?’

This may be the end of the story, but it’s not the end of Tegan’s adventures…


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