Helena Phoenix, CEO of the Purple Peacock, bought the shop (it used to be called Cheap n Sweet) about six months ago. When she bought the shop she painted a big purple peacock on the front to make it quirky.

Helena decided to start the shop because of her gut instinct. She was new in town and thought she could do something with the shop.

Helena has got nothing but warm welcomes and positive feedback since she has arrived in Eaglehawk.

Helena sells toys, giftware, cosmetics, trinkets for mums and kids, really just something for everyone. Helena is also bringing in dry haircuts which means there is no appointment.

Helena’s artist was originally painting a blue peacock but then she just got an epiphany and decided she wanted the peacock purple instead.

Helena has a peacock mug in the front of the store and the artist looked at the mug and said “I am going to paint that”. Helena wanted something that is quirky and different to the other stores around.

Helena has done at home hair businesses but has never had a store business.

Helena has a plan to make the shop colourful and fun for the visitors. She hopes people have fun when they come into her shop.

The business was ‘a bit rough around the edges’ but it is now going strong. People from Eaglehawk like that their old businesses aren’t closing.

Helena does work alone. She gets help every now and then. It is solely her business. Hopefully soon she will be getting a new employee.


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