The World Health organization created IDAHOBIT day in 1990 to take homosexuality out of the list of mental disorders and celebrate LGBTIQ+ people globally.
IDAHOBIT stands for International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia,
Intersexism & Transphobia.
IDAHOBIT day is on May 17, it is a symbol of inclusion, and the hope of building a better world for the LGBTIQ+ community as well as educating youth about the hardships of people who identify as LGBTIQ+.

If you are wondering, what LGBTIQ+ means it is an acronym for:
“L= Lesbian, G= Gay, B= Bisexual, T= Trans, I= Intersex, Q= Queer.
Asexual is also often included. The Plus (+) ensures that it is inclusive of all identities to make anyone in the community feel welcomed and so nobody is left out.”
That is way we recognise the enduring strength, joy, and perseverance of our LGBTIQ+ communities.

We also pay tribute to those we have lost: to violence, AIDS, and suicide.

What did Bendigo do in celebration?
Headspace Bendigo and Thorne Harbour Country hosted an IDAHOBIT event at Bendigo Library.

Headspace Bendigo and Thorne Harbor Country, painted footpaths around the Bendigo Library with chalk. Thorne Harbor Country program coordinator Damien Stevens said, “bringing color to the community was an easy way to raise awareness”.

Diversity Support Worker Maree Dixon said, “We are out and about and really want to have conversations.”

“Everyone is invited to come along and celebrate, network, write and leave supportive messages and enjoy free activities,”

In addition, “There was a rainbow flag raising outside of Headspace to mark the special day and recognise the importance of IDAHOBIT to the LGBTIQ+ community and its allies.

I encourage you to fight for equality and stand up against discrimination. In addition, a big thanks to North Richmond community health for some vital information.


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