A local angler named Kevin was interviewed about his fishing experience in the lakes of Eaglehawk. Since Kevin was a child, he has had a passion for fishing and has continued fishing throughout his life. Fishing is a popular activity at Lake Neanger and Lake Tom Thumb, attracting both locals and visitors who flock to the lakes to try their luck at catching the various species of fish that inhabit the waters. Fishing is a year-round sport and provides a wonderful opportunity to immerse oneself in nature and enjoy the outdoors.

Anglers can be spotted casting their lines from the lake banks, hoping to reel in a trophy-sized or prize-worthy fish. Lake Neanger is home to a diverse range of fish species, making it suitable for both novice and experienced anglers. The lake is regularly stocked with trout, and anglers can also catch redfin, golden perch, silver perch, catfish, European carp, and occasionally Murray cod. During the winter months, most fish become less active, but it presents a better time to catch trout. In the warmer months, there is a higher chance of catching other species.

When it comes to bait fishing, using size 6 hooks is generally effective for most fish in the lake. Worms, yabbies, and even cheese can be used as bait. If you’re targeting larger fish, a 1/0 hook would be more suitable. Alternatively, if you prefer using lures, small soft plastics and hard body lures up to 50mm in size are fantastic options for fishing in the majority of the lake.

According to Kevin, for the best fishing experience in the lakes of Eaglehawk, it is recommended to cast lures and leave the bait at home.


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