Recently the ESC Energy Breakthrough team raced down in Wonthaggi.

We left from school on Friday morning and it took about 4 hours to get down there. Once we got there we set up camp and the pit area, Once that was all done each team took their trikes down to scrutineering, Scrutineering is where the people who run the race check the trikes to make sure they’re safe to race. Scrutineering went really well for all of the trikes and when that was done we all just chilled out and relaxed. At about 5:30pm we all went down to the Workmen’s Club for tea with most of the other teams that raced. Sunday morning we all woke up and got the trikes ready for the time trials. Time trials went well with CareFactor and Parkie getting fastest lap. About 2 hours after time trials the big race started.

All of the ESC trikes had a really good start to the race with CareFactor and Parkie in first. Most teams raced through the night. On the Sunday at 12 o’clock the race come to an end with very good results, Parkie 1st and CareFactor 1st. Unfortunately, SubZero didn’t have a win but they all did really well and put in their best.


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