ESC student Angelina is an enthusiastic cheerleader and wanted to share what it’s all about to encourage others to consider taking part…

We start each class with a T – it’s a cheerleading move.
Next we do our jumps like straddle and pike.
We also do stunts like you can be in front base, back base, side base.
Other classes also run too, like jazz, hip-hop and there are classes that are 18+.
We also do things outside of cheer like sleepovers, movies, Jumpz and makeup tutiorials.
I have been cheerleading since the start of the year.
My favourite thing to do there is the stunts and tumbling.
7 people are in my cheerleading group.
I do cheerleading on a Tuesday and tumbling on a Wednesday.
We do competions, and we train at 3/78 Hattam St, Golden Square. It costs $40 dollars a week, It’s for ages 10 and up.


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