Eaglehawk resident, Karen has a very large teddy bear collection and
she can bear-ly keep count of how many she has!  Izzy spoke to
Karen about her hobby to find out more about this amazing collection.

Karen has fond childhood memories filled with delightful teddy bears that she will always cherish.  Teddy bears are still a big role in her life today as she continues to add to her extensive collection, She enjoys the company of her soft and gentle teddy bears that give her much comfort and happiness.

Karen’s collection started when her son was born. She gave him one as a present and it all spiralled from there. She doesn’t really remember the reason why she started collecting, but the hobby grew and she is still collecting to this day.                                      

Karen’s spectacular collection has over 700 teddy bear related items. She says that she lost count a very long time ago. The collection spans a number of different categories such as sloths, police bears, animals, plushies, country bears and over two hundred ceramic bears. Each category varies in size, but is between 25 to 150. In addition, there are a few random items which didn’t quite become collections in their own right so instead,  became part of the main collection.

All the bears are cherished, but Karen has a few favourites. At the top of the favourites list is Cubby— a teddy bear that she absolutely adores. Cubby is a motorised teddy who is shaped like a bear with a heart on his fluffy belly.  Cubby talks and opens his eyes and was the most expensive bear in the collection costing around $99.

One of oldest bears belongs to Karen’s husband and this bear is 60 years old. It’s a small panda bear, which he has had since he was a little baby, and it’s is very worn.

Karen’s plan for the immediate future is to just keep on collecting bears.  She loves them so much that she can’t image life without them. The rooms would be empty and the house would feel a bit sad without the beloved bears.

So for now, the house is filled with these adorable fuzzy friends that add much joy to their owner.


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