In August 2021 Eaglehawk born and bred Mitch Graham was appointed
President of Empowering Eaglehawk.

Mitch, who is currently a second year Education student at La Trobe University, has taken up his new role with enthusiasm and dedication as he
works to promote Eaglehawk.

Mitch, who describes himself as a community minded person, has spent
all of his life in Eaglehawk and is an Eaglehawk boy through and through.  His father’s side of the family all come from Eaglehawk, as does his grandfather, and the lineage probably goes even further back, but Mitch hasn’t researched it.

“I’ve grown up all my life in Eaglehawk and I’ve been an Eaglehawk
boy for nineteen years.”

Mitch’s involvement with Empowering Eaglehawk started when he was a
student at Eaglehawk SC, first as a student representative and then continuing on to represent Eaglehawk’s youth, prior to being elected as

“I felt it was a good opportunity to express my ideas and get the
best we can for Eaglehawk”.

He has a long history of sporting involvement in the community and has been a member of the Eaglehawk Badminton Association for 7 years where he now plays senior badminton. Mitch also plays cricket for Eaglehawk and has been in the Eaglehawk Athletic Club for 10 years. Apart from sports, Mitch has been involved in leadership positions since Grade 6 on the Student

Representative Council (SRC), Sports Leader, School Council member and
SRC at Bendigo Senior.

‘’One of the key parts of Empowering Eaglehawk is the youth of Eaglehawk’’

Currently, Empowering Eaglehawk requires a subcommittee that would consist of school student representatives and youth representatives. This would involve a monthly meeting allowing the sharing of ideas about what we want to do in the community. Mitch’s vision for Eaglehawk is to see the completed revamp of the Peter Krenz Leisure Centre bringing the entire lake area into alignment.

Mitch’s vision for Eaglehawk is to see the completed revamp of the Peter Krenz Leisure Centre bringing the entire lake area into alignment.

“Empowering Eaglehawk has supported the overall completion of the Canterbury Park precinct with contributing over $100,000 towards the precinct and surrounds including the Eaglehawk Play Space, McKern Skatepark and the development of new cricket nets, netball courts and so much more. The last piece of the puzzle is the Peter Krenz Leisure Centre. The PKLC is one of 2 major indoor pools in Bendigo but could be developed into a community space for all ages and groups”.

Community Update

Empowering Eaglehawk Competition

A relaunch of the competition which invited the local 3556 community to like, share and tag a friend to continue empowering our community. $1300 dollars worth of prizes were on offer from 15 different businesses.

Eaglehawk Dahlia & Arts Spectacular and Family Fun Day

Empowering Eaglehawk sponsors the event which invites the
Eaglehawk community’s participation in many great activities.

The Spectacular was held on Saturday 19th of March and the Family Fun Day was held on Sunday 20th March 2022. All were free and it was a great day for the community.

Empowering Eaglehawk Grants

Grants are always open with amounts of up to $5000 awarded to applicants who follow the grant process.

Canterbury Park Sign

We were able to get signage around Canterbury Park for our contribution to the overall Canterbury Park oval and surrounds. We delivered over 100,000 dollars to the overall Canterbury Park oval Scoreboard and lights, Lake Neanger Playground and so much more.


President: Mitchell Graham


Vice President: Michael McKern

0418666998 Or 035449 1218




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