Sapphire Rose (ginger) and Mona May (black and white) are mini lops.  They are almost three years old and have been together since birth.  Their best-friendship is an example of different personalities being perfect for each other.

Sapphire Rose is a bold, adventurous little bunny.  She is fiercely protective of her sister and loves food.  Her favourites are vegetable scraps from lettuce and cabbage, and once she and her sister ate a whole sapling, roots and all!!  A (slightly hangry) foodie if I’ve ever seen one.

Mona May is a whole lot shyer than her sister, but she loves hugs! 

She is very calm, so she’s great with younger kids.  She always gets to the food last, but Sapphire is always happy to share!

These two bunnies love each other dearly and can often be seen playing tag and chase around their run.  They’re always there FUR each other, and their antics can make anyone

FUN FACT: The term “bunny” which is now used to describe a pet rabbit, previously was a term of endearment for a good-looking young woman or child! 


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