Cr. Andrea Metcalf provided us with details about various initiatives that the council will be working towards in the Whipstick Ward.

She said that there has been proposed a ‘new footpath in High Street
Eaglehawk, continued remediation of the Eaglehawk landfill site, various works at the Eaglehawk Town Hall, and renewals at the Eaglehawk preschool’.

She expressed how our councillors are ‘always listening and working
for our community, so please feel free to contact us’ regarding
any ideas you may have to improve the Whipstick Ward
community. Some of the requests made to Council by local
community members include:

  • Upgrades for the Dog Park in Cal Gully
  • Financial assistance for some projects at Saltworks Eaglehawk
  • An upgraded Council website for easier
  • For ‘consideration to be given’ in regards to garbage pickup being changed to fortnightly as opposed to weekly ‘to save rates’.

Cr. Andrea Metcalf expressed for members of the community to make submissions as you’ll ‘never know if you will be successful if you don’t apply’.


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