We had a chat with Kerry Krenz who is a long-standing member of the Empowering Eaglehawk committee. She is a passionate supporter of the
Eaglehawk community and all it has to offer.

Kerry has been a active member of the community for decades. You may know her from Heather Faye; a clothing and boutique store in High St. She worked at this store (where Boneless Barber is now) for over 15 years.

‘Agents tried to talk us out of buying in Eaglehawk. I look back now and I am so pleased we didn’t listen to them. There isn’t a community in Bendigo that is like Eaglehawk.’

Her story begins with the love of her life: Peter Krenz. They were
childhood sweethearts, having fallen in love at 14 years old. Kerry fondly recalled that Peter was definitely a ‘true-blue Eaglehawk supporter’.
Peter was the main supporter of what is now the ‘Peter Krenz Leisure Centre’ as well as the YMCA accommodation housing in Bendigo and the old ‘B-Central’ which is now YO Bendigo.

Empowering Eaglehawk was founded in 2006, by Michael McKern, Peter Cox and Peter Krenz. Its mission was to support Eaglehawk in a
number of ways. After Peter passed away in 2007, Kerry was invited to become a member of the committee.

‘You walk down the street and you’re going to run into someone you know and have a chat.’

During this time Kerry retired from Heather Faye, she decided to ‘spread her wings’ and worked at TAFE and in various administration roles.
She reminisces that ‘Peter was the high flyer; I was supporting from behind the scenes and making sure everything was running at home. My little job worked perfectly’.

‘Eaglehawk is a fantastic place to live.’

Since being involved in Empowering Eaglehawk, her main passion has been the end-of-year scholarships, which involves Kerry giving an award to a student from all seven primary schools in the 3556 area as well as Eaglehawk Secondary College. ‘I really love it and would never not do them as I want to keep Peter’s memory alive’.

Recently Kerry has retired, and she is ‘loving it’. Kerry is enjoying spending time with her family, and is excited about another upcoming granddaughter on the horizon. Kerry loves walking in the bush, books and her lovely friends.

‘I love the community spirit more than anything. I love that we are our own little town; no other area of Bendigo has the uniqueness Eaglehawk has. I love the people; they’re unpretentious and friendly.’


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