Lisa Chesters, MP, visited Eaglehawk Secondary College last term to meet with students, including the school captains to present her initiative to gift school libraries funding to purchase books.

“Through talking to librarians, students and teachers, the one area that doesn’t receive a generous allocation of funding is school libraries..  It’s money that we can distribute throughout our electorate and our communities.  We decided in my office that one of the areas where we could really help out is in schools.”

“I thought this is just a really good chance to make sure we’ve got new fiction coming into our libraries, new reference coming into our libraries. So that’s the idea. Not every MP does it, but it’s something that I thought there was a gap where I could help out”.

“I am keen to encourage libraries to have diverse reading material”

“For me, I really struggled with reading in school. I’m dyslexic. So when I was in primary school reading was an area I really had to work at. And so I would come into the library for extra reading lessons and support. It wasn’t until I was in the sixth grade that I really cracked it.  And if I hadn’t had that extra support, then today I could still be really struggling with writing.”

Title image: Lisa Chesters (front)  with ESC students
and Principal, Dani Derksen


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