Charlie and Alivia met with former Eaglehawk Secondary College student, Julia Hunt who is now a Bendigo Youth Councillor, to find out about her exciting new role.

Whilst growing up,  Julia and her family members were always involved in community things— it was a way of life for her. 

Recently, Julia was elected to the Bendigo Youth Council.  It is her first year on the council and she is still learning the ropes.  She decided to apply because of her long family involvement in community activities. 

Julia had noticed that some people in her community were not connected or shy and nervous to speak out or contribute and wanted to assist them to be heard and engage.

At first Julia was a bit hesitant, but once she started  getting involved and generating some great energy, her confidence flourished, and she got a lot of encouragement from people around her.

“You’re being a voice for the youth of Bendigo— for those who may not necessarily want to speak up, or who don’t have the confidence to”

I’ve always been involved in the community. My mother and grandparents are heavily involved in the community and it is the “norm” for me”

Whilst at Bendigo Senior, Julia took on some leadership roles.  She got involved in the school council and undertook a lot of public speaking events as well as hosting some school awards nights. She also took a main role in the school’s open days by being a tour leader for new students.  You may have seen Julia in the television commercial for Bendigo Senior SC.

“Take every opportunity that comes your way.  If you don’t, you may regret it later”

Julia’s passion is speaking with the youth of Bendigo. 

“it’s great to have the platform to be able to do that. Listening, connecting networks, helping and watching people thrive and get out of their comfort zone is so important and rewarding”.

“I was really shy, but I had the support to come out of my shell and now I can give that back to the community”.

“If you’re provided with an opportunity and you’re not too sure, just have a crack and give it a go”

At the age of  nineteen,  Julia has five years until the cut off age for Youth
Council and we know that she will do great things within the community in that time.

To contact a youth councillor, go to the COGB website.  Each Youth Councillor has their own email that will soon be displayed on the Yo 
Bendigo website in the Youth Council section. You can also read each
youth councillor’s bio and   a description of why they joined the council.


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