Celebrating Book Week!

Lightning Reef Primary School had lots of fun celebrating Book Week.
This year the theme was Curious Creatures; Wild Minds. Due to COVID
restrictions our annual Book Week Celebration had to change somewhat.
Our community book parade where parents are able to cheer on students
and the multi-age rotational activities could not be held so students and staff enjoyed class parades with many photos shared in our weekly newsletter.

Classes enjoyed reading a range of books together from the short listed texts such as ‘One Runaway Rabbit’ by David Metzenthen, ‘While Billy was a Dog’ by Kirsty Murray, ‘Hello Lighthouse’ by Sophie Blackall and ‘Three’ by Stephen Michael King. Students participated in a range of book week activities such as mask making, collaging, designing a 3D lighthouse, making a secret treasure box and puppet making.

Colourful and creative costumes were worn by many students and staff.
Students enjoyed finding Wally amongst the popular staff theme of colourful crayons from the book series ‘The day the crayons…’by Drew Daywalt. Even our school dog Alfie participated becoming the blue crayon!


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