Dane and Malcolm took full advantage of a sunny calm morning to  launch their sleek radio controlled yachts on Lake Neangar. 
They are just two of the 25 member Neangar Sailing Group.

The Neangar Sailing Group meets  twice a week  on Monday and Wednesday (and occasionally Sundays) to  sail their radio controlled yachts.  The group used to meet at Crusoe Reservoir but for the past  three years they have  been meeting at Lake Neangar.

The boats pictured are not their only vessels.  Dane alone has five craft to his name  and has been involved with this pastime for five to six years.  Before  embarking on the small version of sailing, Dane was sailing the full sized boats. To start with this hobby most  yachts range from $300to $500 and come in sizes of 650mmand 950mm.


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