Lightning Reef Primary School provides students with a music program one hour per week with specialist music teacher, Roxanne Tonzing.

Lena Mitchell from ‘The Song Room’ spent 12 weeks at Lightning Reef Primary School over term 1 and 2. Lena is a highly skilled musician, teaches music at Taradale Primary School and mentors teachers to integrate music into their class programs. Lena introduced new musical games and initiatives, inspiring students and teachers alike.

Our most exciting purchase this year has been a class set of African djembes, a set of dun duns, kis kas and shekere. Generous funding through the Quality Music Education Fund has allowed the school to have this wonderful resource.

Lena helped to introduce basic tone and bass drumming skills to the children through the use of positive mantras. The children were able to remember rhythmic drumming patterns whilst memorising a positive chant.

Music has links to literacy and numeracy skills and is a wonderful way for children to express and enjoy themselves.


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