Above are several of the recipients of the Eaglehawk Heritage Society long service awards accompanied by their current positions and years of service. Please note the years of service do not relate to the current positions held except in the case of Aylene Kirkwood who has held the position of Acquisitions Officer since it was created a few months after the formation of the society! Be sure to congratulate these recipients when you see them around.

A milestone for the Eaglehawk community!

Shaaron Opie, President, June McMillin 25 years, Bev Hanson, Secretary 25 years, Joy Mildren, Treasurer 20 years, Aylene Kirkwood, OAM Acquistions Officer 25 years, Elaine Harrington 25 years.
Missing is Ruth Claridge the societies 1st President, 25 years service.


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