100 Days of Learning at ENPS

On the 29th of July the Prep students at Eaglehawk North Primary School celebrated their 100th day of learning.

  As a part of their celebrations, our students invited their families and special friends to join them in the classrooms for the morning as they rotated through a range of activities with the teachers in the Prep Team.
The students drew pictures of themselves at 100 years of age and answered questions about what they thought it would be like to be 100, participated in a variety of STEM problem solving activities, and made special 100 day glasses and medals.








The students also received certificates for their 100th day of learning and took these to our weekly assembly so they could celebrate this event with the rest of the school community.

After the activities, the students took their special visitors to the John Morton Wing to meet their buddies and have a picnic lunch together.

During the picnic lunch, the 5/6 students presented their younger buddies with 100 days of learning crowns that they had made.


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