On January 12th, 1976 and January 13th, 1977, AC/DC came to the Star Cinema as part of their ‘Lock Up Your Daughters’ summer tour. The line-up for the tour was Angus Young (lead guitar), Malcolm Young (Rhythm guitar), Bon Scott (Lead vocalist), Mark Evans (Bass) and Phil Rudd (drums).

A number of Eaglehawk locals remember the tour and have fond memories of the concert:

“I was lucky enough to be right up the front and I was so close that Angus dripped sweat on me!!”

“It was an awesome night! To this day, I think it was the loudest thing I’ve ever

“Angus bent down and gave me his plectrum, I was so excited!”

“I attended…front and center. It was my first ever concert, I remember the huge speakers and how extremely loud it was!”

“What a great night…Angus on Bon Scott’s shoulders…sweat everywhere…being crushed against the town hall stage….what a night!!”

The Star Cinema

The original Eaglehawk Town Hall was designed by Henry Edmeades Tolhurst in 1864, with him also overseeing the construction. The hall was officially opened to the public on February 1, 1865. In the years following Federation, it was decided that the Eaglehawk Town Hall would be officially repurposed to be a boutique cinema.

In 1912, it was officially named the Star Cinema. All was well until 1960, when the rise of television caused the cinema to close it’s doors. Thankfully in 1999, the cinema was reopened to the public by Joan Rodger.
In mid 2015, the clock tower needed to be rebuilt, in addition to the lead roof and flagpole requiring repair. Eaglehawk thought that was the end of the Star’s troubles, but in 2018 the threat of closure again plagued the cinema. However, the cinema wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

The cinema hosted a campaign called ‘Bums On Seats Campaign’, hoping to raise $30,000 to save the iconic business. The community rallied and raised more than $71,000 and ensured the Start Cinema’s survival.

The Star Cinema is a great feature of Eaglehawk and we’re lucky to have it!


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