Ava Monro & Porsha Kalstrom recently met with Councillor James Williams to discuss what has been happening in Eaglehawk recently!
Canterbury Park
This year the council has been working on a handful of different upgrades for Canterbury Park. One of the main upgrades is the lights at Canterbury Park, these lights have been working at for the past 28 years and are now due for a replacement. These lights will make sure there is enough light around the park an

d oval for footy trainings or other events on during the evening/night. Another big upgrade is that they are looking to get a big scoreboard, this will not only keep score of football games but can also be used for movies! This means that family movie nights can be held there.

Truscott Reserve
There are major upgrades being made at Truscott Reserve in California Gully. Two of the main upgrades are pitch one (the main pitch) having upgrades on the lights. This will provide more light on Sundays for the later matches. The lights will be of a standard that will allow NPL (National Premier League) and A-League practice matches to be played at Truscott Reserve. The second upgrade is the building of a new playground, this playground includes a half court basketball area, a table tennis table and of course the playground itself. This is all part of a future plan to expand and upgrade the Truscott Reserve sports complex.

On Sunday the 31st of March history was made when Qantas made its first flight between Bendigo and Sydney. This new route has made Bendigo tourists very happy and pumped. Qantas and Bendigo tourism have been working closely to make the new route between Sydney and Bendigo possible. Most flights are between $100 and $400.

Bendigo at its best
On April 21st the Easter parade was held. They had all of Bendigo’s dragons in the parade including the new dragon Dai Gum Loong. All the dragons were being watched by a crowd of 80,000 people. Dai Gum Loong was created by Hui Ka Hung and has to be carried by 65 people. The new dragon has 130 legs and a 27kg head. Dai Gum Loong was followed by Loong, Sun Loong and Yar Loong (the night dragon). Dai Gum Loong is known to be the longest imperial dragon in the world. Dai Gum Loong is 125m long and has more than 7,000 scales. Dai Gum Loong is a 21st century dragon so men and women
carried him in the parade. Previously only men had been able to carry Imperial Dragons.


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