On May 24th two students and one teacher from Eaglehawk North Primary School went to China for 12 days. The spent most their time in Shanghai and Beijing. Before going they spoke to 3556 about the once in a lifetime adventure:

• Mrs Watt applied for it because it scares her but excites her. She was looking forward to seeing the views and fancy motels.
• Two students are going this year.
• Chloe, one of the students, thought it would be an experience to learn more about
their culture. To apply Chloe had to sign papers and do an application on why she
wanted to go and to explain the cultural differences to other people.
• They expected to see A LOT of people and electric scooters that don’t stop for
• They are going to be running English classes in schools.
• Climbing the Great Wall and then tobogganing down was going to be a highlight for
them all.
• The trip is about learning how the Chinese live on a daily basis.
• They were all excited to see the ERA Circus too.
• To prepare they had extra Chinese lessons and practiced cultural things like eating
with Chinese implements and using bathrooms that are different to ours.
• They met with all the other Bendigo groups going on the trip before heading off.
• You can Google Team China if you want to see more about the trip.


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