Grade 6 s program
Passions and Pathways began in 2012 with 2 schools, one being Eaglehawk Primary. Due to its success there are now 6 local primary schools and lots of businesses participating.

The program provides an opportunity for students attending school in low socio economic areas to engage with local businesses and their employees. Throughout the program students gain an understanding of the many different types of job possibilities – mechanic, nurse, childcare, hairdresser, potter etc, the different pathways you can take to get there e.g. TAFE, university, apprenticeship, the qualities expected from and employer e.g. reliability, responsibility, enthusiasm, hard work, dedication and that one business can offer many different employment opportunities e.g. the hospital has nurses, cleaners, office staff, cooks etc.

The program commences with a visit from Paul Flood to explain the importance of Occupational Health & Safety with students receiving a certificate at the end of the session. Students have the opportunity to listen to several ‘young ambassadors’ who visit the school and talk about their employment journey and experiences. They visit the TAFE Trading centre to find out about many different trades and experience a morning at Latrobe University experiencing 2 different pathways. Several visits to different business to find out the different employment opportunities followed by a project of 3 x 1 hour sessions over 3 weeks at one business help students experience the world of work. Back at school students are researching businesses, identifying their interests and recording their learnings to share with the community and businesses at ‘The Expo’ where everyone comes together to celebrate.

Eaglehawk Primary would like to thanks all businesses for sharing their expertise, time and knowledge to make this program so purposeful and valuable.
Pictures of OH&S presentation with Paul Flood and Brittany


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