On the 21st of February, Eaglehawk Secondary College had our swimming sports, which were held at the Faith Leech Acquatic Centre. To start off the day all four communities had competition of which team had the best chant. The winner for the chant was Walker. Walker had a trumpet, dance and a chant! At approximtely 10:00am we started our events. The events that were held were, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. For all events you were able to do 50m or 100m.The winner of the race would earn points for their community, though you could still earn points for just participating. Once all of the events were finished we had our novelty games which are fun games that anybody can play at the end without signing up. They were games like racing to the other end of the pool with an inflatable and jumping in a cold pool trying to get balls into a bucket. If your community wins the games they will earn points for your team. Near the end Grieve and Dowding were swapping between 1st and 2nd place. With all communities working hard and going great the end results were, Lester in 4th place, Walker in 3rd place, Dowding in 2nd place and grieve in 1st place! Twenty-eight people will be representing our school in the Sandhurst region swimming sports. It was a great day and everybody went great with their swimming, gave their team fantastic support and most of all had amazing costumes!

Our new school leaders showed great leadership, respect and responsibility. They have also shown bouts of bravery and courage, for participating in the various sports, participating in as many events as they can for the swimming carnival. These students really, really have given their all at just about anything they can.

PBL: Project based learning!

Project based learning (also known as PBL) is a new subject that is literacy, science and humanities combined. Lately, in PBL we have been making rockets and learning about space. To make the rockets we chose a partner and only got soft drink bottles, cardboard, paper and hot glue. When we finished planning, designing and making our rockets we filled our rockets up with water and placed them on a ball pump and starting pumping, this made our rockets launch. The goal was to get your rocket to fly the highest. We are now learning about space. We have learnt about what happens when the earth spins around, when it orbits the sun and the phases of the moon. PBL is also a very good opportunity to make new friendships because a PBL class has 4 year 7 classes in it. In PBL we have learnt lots and had fun!

In the second week of school, we had our school leadership voting and that means that our school captains were chosen…they are Lara Scandolera and Caeleb Johnson.

Lester Community leaders are Caelan Berry, Lara Scandolera, Ciaran Noble, Amber Cameron, Sam Graham, Jordan Poole, Jasmine Davies and Amelia Baldock.

Walker Community leaders are Caeleb Johnson, Mickayla Britton-Wylie, Jordan Hynes, Keely Fullerton, Shelby Giri, Alysa Davies, Lachlan Arscott and Lilly Stevenson.

Grieve Community leaders are Will Sinclair, Rain Forbes, Ashford Huirua-Tepu, Freyja Pearce, Riley Naughton, Hayley Fitt, Tom Daniels, Sarah Schultz and Taylor Boston.

Dowding Community leaders are Tom Grant-Valli, Gabby Kane, Kaidan Fuge, Chloe Osborne, Ava Fenton, Joseph Evans, Yvonne Poto, Bella Lightburn and Latiesha Matthews.

ESC’s SRC presidents for the year are Amber Steele, Courtney Campbell, Jakoby Appleby, Jemma Pearce and Lilly Else-Middleton.


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