The Eaglehawk Secondary College Energy Breakthrough team trains 4 times a week. We train at school on a Wednesday and Thursday, and we train at the Tom Flood sports centre on a Friday and Sunday.

When we train at school when we are in the trikes we are doing laps of our basketball courts and when we are not in the trikes we are doing laps of our mountain bike track. It’s pretty much the same at the Tom Flood centre just when you’re not in the trike you are doing laps of the track with the trikes.

The closest event is a 24 hour race in Wonthaggi on the 22nd – 24th of March. This race has community teams and school teams that race in it.

NEWS FLASH – Wonthaggi results are in!

Carefactor – 1st in race, 1st overall!!!

Parkei – 1st in race, 1st design and construction, 1st overall!!!

Subzero – 4th.

Awesome results from all.



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