‘Kitten for my dinner,’ Brutus the dog thought licking his lips.
Brutus headed down the road and crossed the street. The dog was only a few metres in front of the kitten when Tegan saw the dog right in front of her. What was she going to do? The dog ran at her, but Tegan dodged and jumped on the fence of the church. The dog couldn’t get at her, but now the kitten was trapped. Brutus the dog was jumping and clambering but he just couldn’t get at the kitten. He was furious.
‘Come down here now!’ he barked in pet language.
Up ahead, Tegan could see a broad Germen shepherd dog. His name was Gerry and he was Tegan’s friend. With all the barking, and meows for help, Gerry turned and ran away from his owner towards the kitten in trouble.
‘Get away!’ he told Brutus in dog language and Brutus ran away with his tail between his legs. Gerry the German shepherd had saved Tegan, but now the kitten needed to find her family. She thanked Gerry, and went down the road to the shop where her family was.

Tongue Twister!

How many cookies could a good cook
cook if a good cook could cook as many
cookies as a good cook who could cook cookies?


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