We often say “Every week is Education Week at Eaglehawk North Primary School” however May 21st to May 25th saw a very interesting week of activities at Eaglehawk North Primary School.

One event that happens each year at this time is the Prep Information Evening where parents of prospective 2019 Preps come along to hear about our school and the programs on offer. It was well attended and plenty of questions were asked. Tours of Prep classrooms followed and in the following days we have had a regular stream of interested families visiting us for tours of the school.

Wednesday evening saw a steady stream of people arriving to visit our Art Exhibition. Artwork of children from Prep to Grade 6 was on display and there was a range of art activities that children and adults could participate in, even Dancing!

On Friday morning we had a special Education Week Assembly. Friends and family members of students attended. Three ex-students of the school reminisced about their experiences at ENPS and they were accompanied at Assembly by their children who currently attend the school. Along with the Assistant Principal they then sang the old School Song to the Assembly:

The (original) Eaglehawk North Primary School Song

For many years it’s stood up high
On a little hill looking up at the sky
Hundreds of children this school has watched grow
Through dust storms and hailstorms how we love this school so
And now we have if you just come and see
The best school in Bendigo we all agree
It’s Eaglehawk North, the best school by far
Eaglehawk North, where the best children are.

Visitors toured the school and some even took the time to plant things in our gardens with their children.


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