Every year students from across the school have the chance to get away and see the sights on our school camps. Today we will be telling you about the Grade 5/6, 3/4 and 1/2 camps. I hope you enjoy it!

Grade 1/2s have the opportunity to explore the Bendigo Discovery Centre and the school buildings on annual single night sleepovers. The first we experienced was at the Discovery Centre. Over the course of the sleepover we played on all the exhibits, ate pizza and ice cream with sprinkles for dinner, watched an exciting movie and finally got some sleep. At the school sleepover we hung out for a little while before having pizza for dinner (again!) and watched movies, had a night walk and played games in the multi-purpose room. The camps were really fun and I enjoyed them a lot.

Every year Grades Three and Four go to either Pax Hill or Billabong ranch. All children have a chance to get out and explore. Whilst at Billabong Ranch we had an opportunity to play outside and do some activities including going into the animal pettting area to pet the animals. There were some new born puppies that we could play with aswell. At Pax Hill we also got to play in the bush and even look in a mine that the scouts had built underground. In the mine we got to crawl through tunnels, find new pathways and many other fun stuff but some people accidentaly got lost.

The Grade 5/6 camps are at Melbourne and at an adventure camp in Aireys Inlet. In Melbourne we visit a lot of places in the city. One of the places we visited was the Melbourne Museum. At the museum we got to see all the exhibits and we got to see the body of Phar-lap, the world famous horse, as well as many other cool things. At Aireys inlet childen had a chance to climb up a light house and walk to a waterfall. They had a lot of fun at the waterfall and really enjoyed the camp.

By Olympia Van Maanen and Levity Camilleri, Grade 5/6 M.B


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