Austin Brynes and Tabitha Simms visited David Richards – President of the Eaglehawk Dahlia and Arts Festival – at his beautiful home and garden recently…

David has always been local to the Borough. He has lived in Eaglehawk almost his entire life (he went to Melbourne for a few years to study plumbing) and still lives only 250m from where he was born.

He worked as a metals teacher at Eaglehawk Secondary College for 26 years.

David first became involved in the festival ‘well over 20 years ago’ through his dad Elman ‘Nuts’ Richards who grew roses and presented them in the Dahlia and Arts Festival Flower Show.

David said, “then later Eric Painter convinced me to grow dahlias and now I grow 150 plus stakes each year!”

David’s interest in gardening has resulted in a truly amazing garden, where hundreds of varieties of plants and flowers grow – and where each of David’s grandchildren have a homemade bench seat in their favourite spot.

What David loves most about the Dahlia and Arts Festival is that it is run completely by volunteers who do a lot of work behind the scenes to make the festival possible. There are different committees for the various activities in the festival, with about 26 volunteers on each committee.

Eaglehawk Dahlia & Arts Festival 2018
Myths and Legends
14 – 23 March 2018
Gala Parade Sat 17 March


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