For the first time in quite a few years, Lightning Reef Primary School has implemented a music program. All students from Prep to Year 6 participate in one hour of music lessons every week.

Students are participating in a range of musical activities using musical futures programs.

Term 1 students focused on learning the elements of music – beat and rhythm, dynamics, tempo, timbre, pitch, duration, texture and structure. Students enjoyed using their voices and body percussion to explore these elements. With the inclusion of the music program we have created a school choir who have performed at school and community events.

Throughout Term 2, students used percussion to explore rock, disco, dancehall and reggae beats. Students loved being able to use a range of percussion such a djembes, tambourines and bongos while learning how different beats can change the feel of songs. We were also lucky to be able to borrow a range of brass and woodwind instruments from Weeroona College for all our students to have a try and see what instruments sound like and how they were played.

In Term 3 our music program received a $5000 Musical Instrument Grant from the Department of Education. This allowed us to purchase 25 Acoustic Guitars, 25 ukuleles, six keyboards, a drum kit and a range of percussion instruments. This caused much excitement among the students and staff as we were keen to give them a go. Year 1 and 2 learnt percussion, xylophone, glockenspiel and ukulele and Years 3 – 6 learnt guitar, keyboard, chair drumming and drums.

Term 4 has continued with learning instruments and creating a performance for the end of the year, using the musical elements to create an engaging performance. Students have also created their own body percussion and class raps.

Students have performed for Grandparents Day, assemblies and are looking forward to Canterbury Carols where our school choir is performing.


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