Tyson and Ava are the School Captains at Eaglehawk North
Primary for the 2021 school year.

They have gone through a comprehensive process to become School Captain, including an application, interview with the Principal Craig Burnett and School Council President Rebekah Perryman and finally a vote from our students in Years 3-5.

Ava applied for the position as she had always looked up to various school leaders she has seen at the school since her Prep year.  She felt that she was up to the challenge and wants to be a role model for others in the school.

Tyson feels that being School Captain will develop his people skills, his organisational ability and his ability to speak to large groups of people. 

Tyson lists organising community fundraisers that donate money to good causes as one of his aims for this year.

Ava wants to be involved in our ANZAC Day ceremony and similar events throughout the year.

At the time of writing this article both Ava and Tyson will play a leading role in our Ride to School morning on Friday 19th March.  They will do this in collaboration with a number of councillors from the City of Greater Bendigo.

Tyson lists his heroes as his dad and Nathan Lyon while Ava sees Taylor Swift as a leading role model.

The Eaglehawk North Primary School community wish Tyson and Ava all the best in their School Captain Role in 2021.                                  


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