Issue 39 of the 3556 magazine marks the ten year anniversary of its inception. 

The first magazine was published in December 2010. 

We interviewed ex-ESC teacher Dan Williams about how the magazine started and its progression over the past ten years.

“The initial idea to start up the 3556Magazine came whilst working with John Jones on a pilot project to engage students in local schools that were deemed ‘at risk’. Initially it was to be a simple black and white newsletter connecting the schools from within the Eaglehawk, Long Gully and Cal. Gully areas. I had recently completed a degree in Graphic Design and thought ‘let’s take it up a notch in the way it communicates, and have a crack at a professionally published, full colour magazine”.

It would link schools in with local businesses, sports clubs and community groups. Dan believed that the Eaglehawk people would embrace such a publication, especially if designed in a colourful and stylish manner and included the work of our talented students.

“In my mind, there was no doubt the magazine would be warmly received by the people of Eaglehawk”

A magazine of this type would give students a whole lot of opportunities in being part of a publishing team. Each and every time the magazines were published (quarterly) they were quickly gobbled up by the Eaglehawk people via the distributors. A high quality magazine in high demand, in the local community provided immense benefits to the students who were involved.

The aim was to make it an all-inclusive, genuine Eaglehawk Community publication”

In harnessing the spirit and patriotism of the Eaglehawk Community including local schools, sporting clubs and community groups, the magazine very quickly became something very exciting to be involved in. With the generous support of local businesses and sponsorship from Empowering Eaglehawk and a great working relationship with Espress Printers in Epsom, the magazine quickly established itself with a solid and viable foundation.

“I believed that the Eaglehawk people would embrace such a publication”

As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words and in Dan’s mind, great photographs which captured as many local people, events, features and landmarks as possible would be the key to engaging the local people and this proved correct.

“It was always a joy, taking our young people out to meet and interview magnificent and successful Eaglehawk people, not only to tell the stories, but also to inspire the interviewers to perhaps follow in the footsteps of our subjects one day”.

“Ex mayors, business people, AFL players, musicians, academics, politicians and other sons and daughters of the Borough were always only too obliging to meet our students and share their stories. Getting content out by the deadline (often involving late nights) was challenging, but a very necessary part of the process.”

In Dan’s time as editor of 3556 Magazine, they were privileged to have the support of a number of great people. John Jones was a wonderful supporter of the magazine – especially in its early stages. Annette Engstrom was part of the pilot project to engage more local kids in schools and initially did a lot of the networking between local Primary Schools. Upon leaving Eaglehawk Secondary College after 27 editions of 3556 Magazine, Dan handed over the reigns to Cecile Shanahan and Danielle Snowdon.

He was thrilled that the magazine would continue in their capable hands. In recent years Michael Watson has taken the reigns to continue creating a great publication. It is a credit to the whole team that we now approach the tenth year of producing the 3556 Magazine and we look forward to reading up on everything Eaglehawk for the next 10 years to come.

“I would like to congratulate everyone that has ever contributed anything to the magazine over the past ten years”.

“Many, many young people have seen their work (writing, photography, illustration, design or competitions) reach a wide local audience. From toddlers and grade Prep students right the way up to those in their 90’s. We have appreciated the input of you all and we thank you for being part of the exciting 10 year journey so far. It is only fitting that the best community in Australia should have its very own magazine and there is no doubt, there will be worthy stories and people to shine light on for years to come”.


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