Ava Monro and Charlotte Liddy accompanied local councillors and community members on a tour of the Whipstick Ward.

It was a great opportunity for the girls to listen to, interview and discuss future needs and aspirations of the Eaglehawk community.

The tour highlighted the current projects in the Whipstick area which include:

Eaglehawk Road footpath: 2 sections to be reconstructed commencing in
January 2020
Victoria / Panton Street intersection works recently completed
Victoria Street footpath new section of
footpath across railway line
BMX track – Alternative design / materials
developed to enable the entire track to be treated to a higher standard
Avery’s / Jobs Gully Road roundabout to be constructed in the current financial year

We learnt a great deal about the popularity of the facilities in Eaglehawk such as the Eaglehawk Badminton Stadium, which is used five days per week and each night. There are 12 courts in total, which are used by 250 people per week for table tennis.

It was great to see the changes that have been made at Peter Krenz Leisure Centre, with new signage, painting, seating and carpet. This is a great facility for the Eaglehawk area and we discussed the different types of uses across swimming, gym and childcare, use of the facility for community meetings, as well as unstructured sport like Three-on-Three basketball for disability groups.



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