Tiggy the town cat lives with his family in a
rooftop flat in central Eaglehawk.
He loves scurrying around the rooftops and climbing up and down the stairs.

Name- Tiggy
Age – 2
Language – meow
Occupation – getting in the way, sleeping, exploring,
Quirks – always looks angry
Favourite food – smoked salmon and crunchies
Likes – playing games, pats
Dislikes – chicken, water,
Hobbies – running around, playing with his bell, sitting in the walkway, sitting on keyboards and books, getting in the way, licking everything.
Five words to describe him – energetic, social, ginger, adorable, helpful
My owner – amazing caring and always puts up with me no matter what


He gets a pretty good view of any birds that happen to be flying low!!


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