We Love Reading at California Gully PS

The CGPS ‘Book’ fairies have recently been busy building, researching, purchasing and adding an amazing number of new texts into each classroom. We recognise how important it is for all students to enjoy reading at every opportunity and our ‘Reading Corners’ are proving a hit with our school community.

A current focus at CGPS is to make the most amazing ‘Reading Corners’ in each learning space. We are fostering increased engagement, creativity and knowledge to develop all
children as active readers.

A reading corner is a comfortable and engaging space in the classroom for children to sit and read, selecting from a wide variety of text, many selected by the children.

We know that children who read often will support:
• Exercising your brain.
• Improving concentration.
• Teaching about the world around them.
• Increasing vocabulary and language skills.
• Develops imagination.
• Helps to develop empathy.
• Reading is a fun.

If you ever wander into California Gully PS and there is not a sound to be heard and the playground seems a little bare, don’t be concerned, we will just be reading one our favourite stories, available for all to enjoy!


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