Developing leadership is embedded in the culture of the school. We aim to provide all senior students with opportunities, responsibilities and assistance to grow their own individual leadership qualities. These aspiring leaders, who are our country’s future, respond to role descriptions, apply for and are interviewed as part of the process. The students are invested and understand how these skills can be a great base for their future.

Leadership to me is being a role model to others, helping someone in need and trying new things. I want to make St Liborius a happier, safer and respectful place so everyone wants to come to school – Ivy Mc.

A leader is a person who shows and uses initiative. A person who includes all ideas to make something better. Being kind, generous to themselves and others. -Maeci F

I wanted to be a leaders because I know that I could be a good example to the younger kids and show them the right things to do. – Logan C

I wanted to become a school captain so that I could push myself to do challenging activities and become a role model to younger kids and students. – Mia W

To me leadership means being understanding, respectful, responsible and our best at all times. To be a leader we need to take being a school captain very seriously and understand what we do is not to be cool but to be a good role model. – Zoe S

Being a good leader means helping others and listening when people want to talk. – Zara D

I think leadership should be able to step up and help others. The phrase “never see a need without doing something about it” (Mary MacKillop) plays a really big part in this. Leadership also is being able to motivate and teach peers so they can be great leaders as well. – Frasier H

I wanted to be a leader because it feels good to be referred to as a role model and I also wanted to represent the school since I’ve been here for 7 years. – Cooper H


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